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[Guide] TeamSpeak3 How-to

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#1 Armelli
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Отправлено 16 June 2017 - 21:11

Hi all!

Here's a guide how to get a registration as a member of asmo legion, since the majority of asmodians is using TeamSpeak 3 as a voice chat.
It's integrated with the special site so as to simplify some issues, but for non-russian people it would be a bit difficult as the site is only in Russian. But I'll guide you through giving as an example the legion of Nutella.

So, let's start.

1. Download the TeamSpeak 3 from the link below or from any other source

2. Go to and find "Registration" (red arrow)

3. Pass it.
1 - nickname (choose one of your mains so that people from the game could recognize you)
2 - username
3 - password
4 - email
5 - time
6 - profile link (type here your 1 or 2)
7 - sex
8 - birthday
9 - Skype link
10 - your personal website link
11 - additional info
Only 1-4 are obligatory, others you can skip


4. The next step is your avatar and personal image of profile page. Can be skipped


5. Your unique TS ID. Open your TS3, press Ctrl+I and you'll see a long line of symbols. Copypaste this code.


6. Pass the Captcha and confirm

7. Check your mailbox. You'll have an activation letter (is you don't have any, check spam). Here you have two possible options a) follow the link attached to the letter b) copypaste the code in it here


8. Now you can enter the Lulzbay site! There you can find the necessary group or your BG will give you a direct link, in my case it will be
You should apply and once you are accepted in the group you must belong to - you'll be registered as its legionary automatically within a moment. Whether you should be given moderator permissions or not, it's up to your leader.

It is long, I know. But hope it's all clear.

TeamSpeak3 server address:

just type your nickname and enter.

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