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King of the Hill: new season is waiting for its heroes!

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Отправлено 02 July 2017 - 22:35


Dear players! The new season of the event "King of the Hill" has already started! All June we have been working on improving the event in accordance with your wishes and suggestions! In this topic, we will talk about the most important innovations and changes in the event.

List of changes we have already made:
  • The drop of weapons for gladiators was changed (now drops include both spear and bow at the same time)
  • Added the start class-specified weapons for sorcerers and bards
  • For all skills of the "Spirit Substitution" type (in general, all possible, in which the damage is transferred to another target), a new mechanic is added, in which the damage from the poison is not transferred from the player to another target
  • Healing power was reduced by 50% (the power of healing by any skill, except skills from the event potions).
  • The effect of titles and racial buffs was removed. You can still see the display of the title and the buff, but they do not actually give any additional stats.
  • The duration of the stealth effect from the skill "Shadow walk" has been changed from 5 minutes to 1.5 minutes
  • The duration of the stealth effect from the "Hide II" skill II is reduced by half
  • The use of the skill "Spirit substitution" is prohibited
  • Added a ranking for the classes on the event. Now within the same zone there will be more different classes and less identical
  • The possibility of registration through the questionnaire was added. Registration with the help of the chat command (,combatking reg & .combatking bid) is still available. If you have already opened a questionnaire (for example, with daily rewards), then the event questionnaire will appear shortly after the closing of the previous questionnaire
  • Players' spawns at the beginning of the event were fixed. Now the minimum distance between players' spawn places is 20 meters (where the location allows you to set such distance)
  • Added start aethercannons for gunners (without stats)
  • Greater Healing Potion was added to chests drop (randomly)
  • Points for the kills are now saved regardless of whether you won or lost. I.e. If you killed 10 people and then lost, then you will still receive 10 points (10 * 2 kill points - 10 points for defeat = 10)
  • Now the first fight of each new period (after the restart at 3 pm CEST (4 pm Moscow time) and 7 pm CEST (8 pm Moscow time), i.e. 2 times a day) will be risk-free. What does it mean: each player gets the opportunity to participate in the event without the risk of losing Survival points in case of defeat (as if he/she bid the Mark of the Survivor). If the player wins, then he/she gets bonus points just like from winning with the Mark; if the player loses, he/she does not lose points
  • We removed the requirement to accumulate at least 100 Survival Points to start purchasing event rewards. Now you can spend your Survival points freely as soon as you accumulate the necessary amount
  • Survival Points are no longer summed up for the entire account. Now for each character participating in the event, points are awarded personally

Now a few words about further changes, that will be applied during the first week of the new season (from 3 to 9 July):
  • A system message will be added informing about the number of Survivors left at the beginning of each new round
  • The number of chests' spawn points will be significantly increased, so for each zone it will be much harder to predict spawn spots
  • A small timeout will be added at the beginning of the round, i.e. time to prepare for the battle. During the preparation time movement of players will be resricted

We will keep you updated about all future changes in the event's discussion thread and through the News topics (in case the changes are extremely important). We wish you success and good luck in the new season of the "King of the Hill" event! Have fun!

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