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[Dungeons] Engulfed Ophidan Bridge

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Hey there! A new instance is available for you now!

General info:
  • the Engulfed Ophidan Bridge is roughly like Dredgions
  • it is available for a group of 6 players from 61 up to 65
  • for 20 minutes two groups of players of different factions must fight, capture and kill there
  • the team that gained more points wins
  • the dungeon ends when the time expires, or if one of the teams has 30 000 points more than the other one, or if a Centurion of any faction dies
  • the EOB is available every day from 2 pm till 3 pm and from 7 pm till 8 pm CEST (from 3 pm till 4 pm and from 8 pm till 9 pm Moscow time)
  • you have 2 entries before each CD which are: Mon, Wed, Fri, Sun at 9:00
  • To avoid the confusion, we have changed the spawn time of the supply boxes, that appear at start of the time zone. They are spawned after the make-ready period.
Glory Points:
  • Each member of the winning team acquires 50 GP, and 10 GP get those of the losing one. You will be given your GP only if your rank is high enough! If you are not at least Rank 1, you won't have any GP reward.
Abyss Points:
  • We believe that the amount of AP for everyone should be equal for both dps-dealers and supporting classes.

Good luck on your adventures in the Engulfed Ophidan Bridge!

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