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Any changes you made in the general game tho?

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#1 Siposgergo
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Отправлено 17 July 2017 - 23:28

I'm curious, after I started using Aion Rain meter, I was checking the DPS's and the crit %'s of my physical DPS friends, and it's weird. They have like ~600 crit strike which is enough for the cap in instances like Sauro. On retail, official EU server, you needed like 1000~1150 crit to be on the CAP. All I see for now, is that, PVE dmg in instances, is kinda f*cked up.

1. My question is, did you made alot of changes by yourself in the game? And if so, is there any patch note be like thingie, that writes down ALL the changes you've mad in the game so far? It's be amazingif I could read it.
1a, Have you lowered the strike resist of mobs/bosses in certain instances?
1b, How does it even work, back in my days, as a physical DPS class, on RETAIL server, you couldn't socket only ATK manastones to deal dmg, you needed either full Attack / Crit, or almost full crit.

2. There are some morph recipes in the game, you can only buy in inggison forts as Elyos, but, it's rarely elyos tho. All the t ime theres a siege, it's balaur, or asmodian. Would there be any ways, of you adding thos recipes somewhere or do something aobut it?

3. What's up with the instances entry items drop in Idian Depth? theres 1-1 places drops for each of instances aka Runadium, / Katalamize. other sports drops nothing at all, white crap manastones, useless junk items, even with 5x drop rate.
#2 Armelli
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Отправлено 18 July 2017 - 00:13

1. Sorry but we are not responsible for DPS meters info and, of course, we are not obliged to provide players with the information you requested. It's a private server, and it may not follow the official ones in some issues. The same is about your 3rd question. The stats or the droplist may differ. You say you don't earn anything by farming in the ID - well you must be killing the wrong mobs, as some of the best farming spots are located in the underground.
2. The server administration does not interfere in the gaming process, so since there exists a practical possibility of capturing a fortress, there will be no intrusion then.
Have a nice day.

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