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[Photo contest] Summer comes to Atreia

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#1 Armelli
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Отправлено 03 August 2017 - 15:16

Hey all! We invite you to participate in a competition and win hot summer rewards!



  • to become a participant, you should upload here your photos. We accept from 1 up to 3 shots from each participant. It should be a summer photo (with you in it, of course : D). Remember, not an ordinary one, but something special, reflecting summer theme! Also, the photograph should be taken recently.
  • an AionLegend logo must be present in the pictures
  • this logo should not be just printed or something like that, as your creativity will be highly evaluated. Think about how you can do it!
  • fake photographs are not admitted
  • collages are also prohibited
  • a pic should not be too small
  • better use special features to upload your photos like a Russian one
  • the photographs should not violate ethical standards
  • in case a controversial issue appears, the jury members might ask for another photo-proof
  • each participant should mention his or her faction, nickname, level, class, legion (if there is any) in the post and say which remodel he or she would prefer to acquire
  • the jury team will estimate photos considering the contest conditions
  • one participant can post only one photo or a photoshoot (of no more than 3 pics), all the other things posted will not be taken into account
  • the person in the photo must be the account-owner
1st place: one of the new remodeling sets lasting for 3 months
2nd place: one of the new remodeling sets lasting for 2 months
3rd place: one of the new remodeling sets lasting for 1 month

The contest will last till August, 31. We wait for your photoshoots :3

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