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AFK people in dredgions

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#1 LionHeart95
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Отправлено 03 October 2017 - 16:47

Good day

I am a veteran Aion player (started in 2012 8-) ) and I played on EU official servers until a year ago.
I've been playing on this server for half a year and I am very satisfied for its quality so first of all I want to praise the administrators for their hard work *LOCO*
Still, I've got a recurrent annoying problem while I attend Terath dredgions - Engulfed ophidian bridge. Usually I can't play because I got matched with afk people! Really it happens too often, about an average of 3 afkers on 6 players, and this little fact drives me mad more than I should be maybe. I really want to try to gain rewards in order to farm a good abyss set as soon as possible and start to rank seriously, but I lose too many times because of afkers, therefore if I win I gift them my same rewards even though they have been afk the whole time. These people are very likely to be high ranked daevas, and this is even more annoying if possible. Why joining dredgions just to stay afk? Many low-geared people lose because of this and can't try to reach their level! :angry:

I am sure someone else thinks as I do, and I am here to ask politely: isn't there a way not to make them have rewards if they stay afk? I am not sure about how rewards work, but is it possible to give rewards considering the individual score of each player? Or any other system created in order to dissuade people who wants to join and afking/idling? Rewards have to be deserved *DWARF*

Thank you for your attention and again, congratz for your splendid work *DRINK*
#2 Armelli
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Отправлено 03 October 2017 - 17:11

Hi, we have already recieved such requests, but after a discussion the team concluded that there could be no adequate way of blocking AFKs: each measure will result into any kind of its abuse. Also, all they need is to accumulate some AP, so, at 4.6 players see no sense in fighting for quite a long period of time when AP means nothing. Those who want to win do not go alone, especially in eob, and that's all.

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