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2 vs 2 PvP Event

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Dear friends! We are happy to announce the start of the new 2 vs 2 PvP event! Find out everything you need to know about the new event from this topic!

General information
  • 2 vs 2 is PvP event for groups consisting of 2 players
  • The registration is available only for characters that already reached level 65
  • One can either register as a solo player (and the matchmaker system will add a random second player to your group) or can register as a group of two
  • There are two event locations at the moment
  • Each match consists of three rounds
  • The skills from God Stones do not work in the event locations
  • If you leave the event before all of the three rounds are finished, the 5 minutes registration ban will be applied to your character


The event takes place daily from 6 till 7 p.m. (Moscow time) and on Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays from 10 till 11 p.m. (Moscow time)

Registration for the event and useful chat commands

You can register for the event either with the help of the questionnaire window or using chat commands. Please pay attention to the fact, that you'll have to enter .lang en chat command in order to view the rest of the chat commands and its' descriptions in English! The full list of commands:
  • .2vs2 solo - fast solo registration.
  • .2vs2 group - fast group registration.
  • .2vs2 unreg - registration cancellation.
  • .2vs2 window - the command opens the registration window (questionnaire)
  • .2vs2 noparty - this command allows you to avoid participation in the event in case your party leader wants to register the group for the event but at the moment can not or will not kick you for some reason. The registrator won't put you in the waiting list for the event and you will not be teleported to the event zone even if the party leader applies for the event. That means your character will stay where it is when the moment for the group to teleport comes.
  • .2vs2 party - this command restores your opportunity to participate in the event (including group applications). In case you are willing to participate again, but previously entered .2vs2 noparty command, it is necessary to enter .2vs2 party command. If you do not do that, further registration will not be available for you!

The rewards
  • The losing team will not get any rewards
  • The winners team (each of the 2 participants) will get 2 000 AP and the reward box -
    [item: 188052138] [Ивент] Сундук льгот победителям
    . Double-click the box to get the list of the following items:
[item: 162000121] Зелье восстановления VII
[item: 162000124] Редкое зелье восстановления VII
[item: 141000001] Осколок стигмы
[item: 169000010] Камень печати VII
[item: 162000107] Королевский корень женьшеня

We hope those of you who like PvP will enjoy the new event and get the best emotions! Be brave, improve your skills and win! The Aion Legend team wishes you thrilling fights and decent opponents!

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