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<Send Nukes> ex.Thug Life - asmodian european legion recruiting!

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#1 Rhody
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Отправлено 24 April 2019 - 11:06

Welcome to Aion Legend!

<Send Nukes> ex.Thug Life is easy going european/russian PvP legion. Do you love to roam in Katalam/Danaria and fight ? But you don't know how to get gear coz you're getting zerged? Or maybe you already have gear and you even speak russian and just don't know with who to play? Maybe time to join us, we have nothing less than any other russian legion, we do have own legion alliance for Kamar, Bastion, Sieges. Maybe you understand russian and you might want improve your english or maybe you just seek a good company of europeans who knows the game well and won't make your gamelife borring. Feel free to contact us.

If you haven't started playing yet and you have questions about the server, go ahead and pm me anyway.

PS: made new legion post because we renamed <Thug Life> and previous post within one year had too much irrelevant informations and after some time can't edit posts. Sorry!

For legion invitations whisper to Hiba, Rhodyx, Lollyfox, Lightc or any of our fellow members to guide you to centurions.
#2 Toufexis
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Отправлено 06 July 2019 - 21:57

up. Still here, and still rising.

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