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Recruting/Looking for english/french speaking players Elyos side.

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#1 devwolx
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Отправлено 09 August 2019 - 19:35

Hi, I know there's a big international legion on asmo side but I can't start from scratch there so... I'm looking for any players that don't take the game very seriously and only wanna have fun and take it easy.

I speak english, french and even arabic, so if any wanna group up to do some stuff respond to me here with your nickname or PM me in game (I play multiple characters but try to look for "Teslana" I'm usually on that cause it's the lead of the legion) if I'm online i'll add you to my friend list and legion.

I don't care about your level, we can help each other out whenever possible. My goal is to have enough players so we can play late game content together. I don't care about being competitive or ranking up or any other non sense, I just wanna play the game without taking it seriously, doing our stuff at our own pace without try hard or judgement.

I can setup a mumble server or discord or w/e people want once we are set to communicate for instances etc...


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